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Welcome to NEHOSOC, the Dutch Wood Collectors’ Society.

In view of our members being largely Dutch, most information on our site is in Dutch;
however, some information will be easily understood by those who read English. The lists of specimens (called monsters in Dutch, although they’re not really scary) and slides available will be helpful since the scientific names are always mentioned. Please go to monsters or micropreparaten. Of course the pictures featured speak a universal language. You will also find a number of links to other sites that may interest the visitor.

About us

When you think of wood, what comes to mind? It’s unique, it’s self-propagating, it can be used for a multitude of goals, is environment friendly and, given the right management in the spirit of good stewardship, this resource will never be exhausted. In case of fire, it’s considered safer construction material than steel. Medicinal and poisonous woods are relatively common, and are being put to good use in the pharmaceuticals industry. Trees, the main source of wood, abound over all of the world. The tallest trees are well over 350’ tall while the lowest, e.g. Salix polaris, usually don’t make two inches. It is assumed that wood is supplied by at least 60,000 species of trees and shrubs belonging to several hundred plant families belonging to the flowering plants and the conifers.

NEHOSOC (Dutch Wood Collectors’ Society), founded February 1, 1947, is a Society whose members are dedicated to collecting, studying and using wood, one of the most ancient and beautiful natural resources in the world. NEHOSOC is the senior of the three currently existing societies which have similar goals. The other two are the mainly American oriented (but boasting several Australian, English, Dutch, Italian, etc. members as well) International Wood Collectors’ Society (IWCS), established only months after NEHOSOC was founded, and the Belgian Houtstudiecentrum voor het Technisch Onderwijs (HCTO), dating from 1959. Please visit their websites which are interesting, too!

NEHOSOC, an acronym of NEderlandse Hout Soorten Club (Dutch Wood Species Club) recently celebrated its sixtieth anniversary and sports over 300 members which is a lot, considering the tiny size of our country. A single feature stands out as a mark of NEHOSOC’s distinction, viz., in the course of its existence, NEHOSOC has issued over 1,000 different ‘houtmonsters’, that is, wood samples.

These samples (there are those who prefer to call them specimens) can be subscribed to by NEHOSOC members. Actually, over 70 per cent of our members have in fact subscribed to the samples, which are sent to the subscribers in two sets of six per annum. The identity of these samples has been ascertained only after examination by our ’botanical committee’. Although these samples are named houtmonsters in Dutch I will vouch for it that they are not really frightening – in fact, most are beautiful and all of them are interesting.

How does NEHOSOC come by these samples? Well, some come from boards purchased from wood dealers; others are made available by Botanical Gardens or Municipal Boards who sometimes have to prune trees or take them out altogether – and, as it happens, some get uprooted on account of storms, after which we are sometimes given a ring to see whether we’re interested. After being converted the wood is dried, rough sawn, fine sawn, planed and sanded to produce the wood specimens, or samples, sized 15 x 8 x 1 centimetres, roughly 6”x 3” x ½”.

Members pay a subscription fee at only € 26.00; those who subscribe to the wood samples pay € 27.00, i.e. € 53.00 including membership North American members who subscribe to the wood samples pay € 42.00. i.e. € 68.00 including membership. We are aware that this is excessive, but it is due to the excessive postal rates and it is not in our power to reduce them. Separate samples can be ordered from the Woodmaster , at € 2.00 each (plus postage); non-members pay a € 0.50 surcharge per sample.


Cost of membership amounts to € 53 a year (plus an entrance fee of € 7 for new members).
Members receive our quarterly magazine 'de Houtverzamelaar' (in Dutch) and a package of six wood samples twice a year.
NEHOSOC organizes each year two or three excursions.
Apart from learning and broadening one's knowledge these field trips aim to stimulate mutual contact amongst members as well.
The same goes for our meetings at different locations, the so called 'houtcafé op tournee', where members and guests meet in an informal atmosphere.
Both members and non members, willing to improve their knowledge of microscopic wood determination, can do so from September to March in seven monthly meetings at Wageningen University for € 9.00 per lesson.

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